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Welcome to official website of the Garland High School Class of ’68!

This site is being created as we plan our 40th Reunion but we hope to be able to keep the site up and running permanently. Our class grew up in an age of innocence but by the time we graduated, our country was in the midst of social and political turmoil as well as the Vietnam War. In 1968, the Vietnam War was at its peak and we were very fortunate to have not lost a single class member in that conflict. In spite of that national climate, we had some great times and created some great memories. Please add this site to your Favorites or Bookmarks on your computer and visit regularly.


Garland High School Class of ’68

School Board Trustees
April, 1967-April, 1968

Marion D. Williams | A. B. Elliott, Sr. | W. Perry Bowen
J. R. Wynne | Elmer Grisham | Jack Shugart | Alvin Moore

(Source: School Board Clerk’s Notes)

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